BPM Analysis (JBPM and Activiti)

Interesting thing about BPM is that it is looks like known terrain but confusing. It is about automating the manual steps but we often get confused. It took few days for me to go through documentation and come out with some understanding on what JBPM and Activit are trying to do.

here goes the summary. This page will get updated.

JBPM original developers left Jboss and joined hands with Alfresco and started Activiti, obviously they learned from experience and activity looks light and little easier to developers to start with. Since both of them support BPMN 2.0 specification, either of them should be good enough to go with.

BPM is all about standardized approach to solve our day to day business processes.

1. We land up having some or many manual steps (like approvals by boss or some scanning task etc).

2. We will have lot of automated tasks (based on the various conditions/rules, system processes the request or rejects the request or pushes for manual intervention).

3. We will have lot of flows. May be a  sequential flow where from one step we go to another step or we have multiple steps.  Say for any financial approval or leave approval, not just one person but may be multiple people may have to approve and once all approvals are done, it might be next step (see we start with step 1 then to multiple steps say 2a, 2b, 2c and then they merge back to a single step 3). There will be various such scenarios.



4. Authentication and authorization

5. Persistence

6. Let us get started with a sample

claim is  a zipped project developed for a simple assignment based on JBPM. It is a maven project so should be easy to get the code running in few minutes.


claim process

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