Book review – Learning Zurb foundation framework

Well, I was looking for this book(Learning Zurb Foundation) an year back and now it is available. I built with foundation 4. Foundation is great fun to work with and develop responsive application. The book Learning Zurb foundation   is a good resource terms of providing detailed explanation on grid concept (which is common with responsive frameworks) and then providing details of how to build pages and also use various features/plugins (like oribit slider which I used already in yourpost ).

Though as a developer, I would have felt happy to see more responsive examples with real screenshots, the content is useful and helps beginner as well as the advance users.

One chapter that took my attention is the Chapter 7 (Testing), yes it is often painful to reproduce issues across various browsers and platforms.  The chapter helps with information about and how to use the install the VMs and use it is useful information. I usually try to build the VMs myself but this information is helpful as what you need to do is just download those VM copies and test your application.

Yes, I would have loved to have more picture in the book but trying to wrap up a subject in around 200 pages, author might have compromised on that aspect.

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