Interview tips

Facing interview is not something cool for anyone starting with a fresh graduate to a senior staff.

Various steps include:

1. Resume preparation

Be aware of every word that you mention in your Resume. Do not bluff anything, and prepare well on what you are upto and have been working on. Skills, Projects or what you have offer for potential employers.

2. Prepare for technical interview.

Be ready. Having no. of years of experience doesn’t cut the cake. you have to prove that you are worth of it. You can read some of the architecture related questions here

  1. Technical – Programming/Designing                                                                                       Design patterns, Threads, Object oriented concepts, Design concepts.
  2. Technical – Project experience
  3. Technical – AlgorithmsBig O notation, BST, sorting/searching, Linked lists, Stack and Queue, String operations
  4. Puzzles/Riddles


Odd man out (coins etc), Cubes, Crossing river/bridge etc.  Attempt to solve, even if you are not sure of finding a  solution. Interviewer also looks at your thought process.


3. Non Technical/HR interview

4. Salary negotiation

Most of the time, candidates go with what is offered to them, with little bit of negotiation, you can, in most of the cases can get 5 to 10% salary increment  with little bit of negotiation. Not every candidate who is interviewed by the company makes it to till this step, so you are at advantage.

Congratulations, If you are through the process and got the offer. Work smart and hard in your job, you never know when your next job is going to call you. Be ready always.:-)

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