Study in USA


Why study in USA?

Education in USA is one quick shortcut for many people in the world. Get into university in USA, start earning as soon as possible. Let us review some of the reasons for why you want to study in USA.

  • More than half of the top 20 and top 100 universities are in the USA. Please check the latest rankings online.
  • World economy is driven by USA corporates.  The probability of you getting employment in USA is higher. Please note getting student admission with F1 VISA doesn’t quality to have guaranteed job during or after your course completion.
  • Hundreds of thousands of foreign students are opting for courses in USA.
  • While there are top universities offering top notch courses and providing best research and learning in USA (in terms of pure learning there are many other countries with similar or better infrastructure but employment opportunities may be limited), the best reason is the employability.

Watch out

Peer competition forces many students (and their parents) to opt for study abroad and preferably USA.  Because of number of students opting (it’s around 800,000 or more foreign students in USA in 2015),  there have been many cases of fraud and illegal means of business in the name of education. There are so many students who got affected by this without realizing it upfront.

There are many students who got their VISA denied after applying with fake documents for VISA (usually consultants are playing business with the student VISAs). There are many sad stories like

We request students to make sure they have validated the course, college/university is good one and they have required academic credentials. Also make sure the financial affordability is taken care.

  • You should have required academic credits. GRE score, good academics (probably 60% or more).
  • Financial viability.  Often students can not afford the education in USA but with blind hope of fortune, people go through consultants who use external money and put that in their account for the required number of months for bank statement for VISA and charge big interest to the student. This might not be best solution. Please seek help from your family/relatives and banks before applying for F-1 VISA.
  • Assuming they will get to work in USA. Based on the college/university you may get CPT (CPT stands for Curricular Practical Training and allows F1 Students to work for up to 20 hours a week in a field related to their major, while engaging in studies. Information about Employment Eligibility.), but this is not guaranteed. It depends on the university, state, city. In case if you are in a city where there is no much corporate presence, then you may not get CPT.
  • OPT –